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Alice in Wonderland

Did you hear how the Queen of Hearts made the tarts? And can you tell what became of them?

The song tells you about it: The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts All on a summer day The knave of Hearts, he stole the tarts.

Who stole the tarts?

And took them clean away.

Just because there was a little song about the knave, they had taken him as a prisoner. They put chains on his wrists and brought him before the King of Hearts, so that there might be a regular trial.

The king looked very grand with a big crown on the top of his wig. But he had to wear them both, so that people might know he was a judge as well as a king. The queen looked cross for she had taken trouble to make the tarts and the bad knave stole them away.

The white rabbit stood near the king, read out the song, to tell everybody what a bad knave, he was and to decide whether he was ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty Alice was sitting close to the jury box and she was called as a witness (a person who, has seen the prisoner do whatever he’s accused of or knows something that’s important in a trial).

Why was Alice called as a witness?

be a witness”,? she thought. But Alice didn’t know anything about it. “Why in the world did they want her to The rabbit blew his trumpet and shouted out Alice! And Alice jumped up in great hurry. And her skirt, oh! it caught against the jury box and tipped it over, and all the

poor little jurors came tumbling out of it! Alice picked them all up again very carefully.

The king wanted the jury to settle whether the knave of hearts was guilty or not guilty. The Queen wanted to punish them. The Knave first of all. But Alice….. So Alice said, “stuff and nonsense”. The Queen said, “Off with her head” (just what she always said when she was angry) .So Alice replied, “Who cares for you,

you are nothing but a pack of cards!” So they were all angry, and flew up into the air, then they all came tumbling down again, all over poor Alice just like a shower of rain. The next thing- Alice woke up out of her curious dream., and she found that the cards were only some leaves of the tree that the wind had blown down upon her face.

Wouldn’t it be a nice thing to have a curious dream, just like Alice? To have a curious dream like Alice, lie down…. shut your eyes tight….Good bye, Alice dear, good bye.

Answer the following questions:

1. Why was the knave of Hearts taken as a prisoner?


2. Why did the king wear the wig and the crown?


3. How many members were there in the jury?


4. What did the queen say when she was angry?


5. Is this a real story or a dream? Read out the line that justifies your answer.


6. Why did the cards become angry?


7. Did the cards really tumble down on Alice? Read out the line from the story to support your answer.


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