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Nothing but the Target

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, a 34 year old armyman finished second in the men’s double trap shooting event on Tuesday, the 17 August 2004 in the 28th Olympic games in Athens. This was India’s first individual silver medal in Olympic history in shooting event. Lets read what he said after he won the medal.

Feelings while receiving

the medals It felt absolutely great. It certainly feels good to win a medal for the country. And that makes it even more good because the country feels proud.

Feelings while draped in country’s flag at the presentation

It was a sense of relief that I was able to accomplish something for the country. And the flags, I wanted something close to the symbol which represents the country. So the flag was the best thing. and I just wanted to wrap it around myself.

Preparations in the last few days

There was a mix of everything. There has to be a healthy balance. Whenever I felt that I was getting anxious, I would relax, crack a joke or talk to somebody and make the environment lighter for myself. But whenever I needed focus, I would close my eyes and think of the target of how I would do, how my emotions would be, what is my game plan for the match and everything.

Focus at the final point

I realised that I was missing because I was losing aggression. When you lose your aggression, you lose your natural way of shooting. I then told myself, I should go hard at the target. That’s how I made those last two. I was absolutely focussed on the target, I could see nothing else but the target.

Answer the following questions:

1. What is special about Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore winning the silver medal in shooting?


2. What makes the country feel proud?


3. Why did he wrap the country’s flag around himself at the presentation ?


4. What would he do whenever he needed to focus on the sport?


5.Why is aggression important in a sport?


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